Is your refrigerator or washer and dryer acting up? You can count on AAA Maytag to deliver fast service and experienced technicians to do it right the first time for all your appliance repair in Houston and Sugar Land Texas, with prices that won’t break your budget! We fix and specialize almost all household appliances – you name it, WE CAN FIX IT! Whether it’s wear or tear or sudden and unexpected damage, AAA Maytag provides professional service that gets the job done the right way the first time. We work with most brands and household appliances. All our technicians are certified so you can rest at ease knowing your appliance is in good hands.


Proudly providing Appliance Repair in the Houston Area since 1994! Call: (+1)713 779 3300

Referigerator Repair

We specialise in repairing all kinds of referigerators, subzeo, wolf, Maytag, Jen-air, whirlpool, Ge, Monogram, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, Roper, Kenmore, Frigidire, Electolex, Magic chef etc. If you experience any problem with your referigerator please contact us today.

Washer Repair

A common reason why washing machines break down is because of over loading. Ensure clothes, when loaded into the washing machine, is distributed evenly. A clogged pump will restrain the draining. For repairs and estimates, please call us today.

Dryer Repair

If your clothes are taking too long to dry, make sure your vents are not clogged. For all your dryer repairs and maintenance, please call us today.

Sub-Zero Repair

It is important to ensure the refrigerator door is closed in order to prevent frost from forming on food. Condenser, compressor and evaporator coil must always be kept clean. For maintenance, repairs and estimates, please call us. Our technicians will offer the best solution to your refrigeration needs.

Dishwasher Repair

After many cycles of washing cookware, it is common for dishwashers not to run as smoothly as when it was new. A simple inexpensive solution is to run a cycle with vinegar. This can help most dishwasher to run smoothly again. For more complex problems, we offer service and repairs that is vastly cheaper than buying a new dishwasher. Call now for a free phone consultation.

Freezer Repair

To keep your freezer running optimally, make sure you are not packing the freezer too tightly. Proper air flow is key in the longevity of your freezer. Please call us today for repairs and maintenance of your freezer needs.

Range Hood Repair

It is important for the range hood filter to be cleaned out periodically. This prevents smoky grey particles from accumulating on your kitchen walls. For repair and maintenance for your range hood, please call us for expert advice.

Microwave Oven Repair

A simple way to keep your microwave oven running smoothly is to ensure food particles are removed and clean. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable in fixing all microwave oven issues. Please call today for a free consultation.

Wine Cooler Repair

The right temperature keeps your wine tasting better. Call us for any concerns regarding your wine cooler.